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A British classroom experience from home

You will improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, through studying carefully and attractively designed interactive lessons with a native speaker.

Our live part-time courses at Malvern Online Academy follow the communicative language teaching approach. This means our lessons have a communication focus and you will practise how to speak better with your teacher, every lesson has a language focus and a goal that you will achieve together.

Choose from flexible days and times to ensure you can improve your English at the most convenient moment for you.

 Class size 4-15 students
Age 16+
Class format Live lessons - full time (5 days per week) or part-time (2 or 3 days per week)
What will I improve?
  • your vocabulary knowledge and pronunciation through the reading of short texts.
  • your writing skills
  • your confidence by having a conversation with a native speaker teacher and international students
  • your grammar ability
Progress assessment Monthly progress tests

Here are some of our teachers: Andy, Raquel, Chloe, and Jeffrey!

Depending on the time you choose, you may also be taught by our other teachers.

See more of our teachers here


From £39 per week for part-time courses.

From £77 per week for full-time courses.

***SPECIAL OFFER ON COURSES OF 4, 8, 12, 16 AND 24 WEEKS - SAVE UP TO 33%! ***

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*Each class is 2 hours.



After you purchase your course, you will take a short test to find out what level your General English class is. After we receive your result, we will send you a timetable with your student account and class information.
You can also test your level before you buy your course to understand what level you will join. 

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