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A British classroom experience from home



This is a one-hour online lesson with a qualified and experienced tutor. This course is perfect for students who need to improve their English level very quickly. It is also suitable for students who want to study a specific or specialised area for their work or studies,

Course Overview

You will receive an individual study plan and lessons which are designed specifically for you and your requirements.

  • Private lesson with a teacher from the United Kingdom
  • Choose to study at any time
  • Perfect for all levels
  • Interactive lessons
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Study plan
  • Homework
 Class size 1 student & 1 teacher
Age All ages
Class format 1 or 2 hour session
What will I improve?
  • your vocabulary knowledge and pronunciation through the reading of short texts.
  • your writing skills
  • your confidence by having a conversation with a native speaker teacher and international students
  • your grammar ability
Progress assessment Monthly progress tests
Teachers See our teachers here.
Price From £52.50 per hour when booked as part of a longer course.

Important information

After you book your class, a teacher will contact you to ask for more information about your requirements. After you buy the course, it will take 48 hours before your first lesson can begin - this is because your teacher will need time to plan a class specially for you.


After you purchase your course, you will take a short test to find out what level your General English class is. After we receive your result, we will send you a timetable with your student account and class information.

You can also test your level before you buy your course to understand what level you will join. 

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