How does it work?

Who are we?

We are a professional English language college located in the United Kingdom. We run lessons online and we also have three colleges in the UK: in Brighton, London, and Manchester. It is from these schools that our team teach both live online lessons to you - around the world - and also teach face-to-face lessons at school.

Our experienced team of qualified teachers are ready to help you learn English in carefully designed interactive online classes. You will join a teacher from the UK in a class with students from many different countries and achieve your goals together.


Students socialising at our school in Manchester! Learning English together in school.


We teach according to the communicative language teaching approach. This means our lessons focus on communication goals and teach you the necessary vocabulary and grammar to achieve these goals. It also means our classes are filled with conversation, learning, and fun.

An elementary-level General English lesson. The day the whole class decided to wear a hat!


Online lessons

You can join lessons on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Each lesson has a specific point of language that you learn and practise. Every lesson has a language outcome and you will benefit from every lesson.

In your lessons it's very important that you listen to the teacher. You should try to speak as much as possible to your teacher and other people in your class so that you can improve your English quickly.

In lessons you will:

  • Learn useful vocabulary and important grammar.
  • Practise speaking and listening with your teacher and classmates.
  • Develop your reading and writing skills.
  • Receive homework at the end of lessons.
  • Have discussions and share ideas together about different topics

    Lesson Materials

    The teacher will use a whiteboard in lessons that you can see on your screen. All aspects of the syllabus will also be displayed on the screen. You can also see the book and other important material to help you learn. There is no need to buy anything, as everything will be included in the lesson time.

    Our materials are a combination of popular course books for teaching English language by famous British publishers and our own lesson materials that we design especially for you.

    The Syllabus

    Each class follows a syllabus of topics. Each week has a specific topic for conversation, grammar, vocabulary and skills to practise. This means every week you will feel more confident in one area of  English.

    Check the elementary syllabus here

    Check the intermediate syllabus here

    Check the advanced syllabus here


    You will receive a regular report. This will help you see your progress. In this report your teacher will tell you how well you do in class, your strengths, and how you can improve your skills.

    Example report

    Weekly & Monthly Tests

    You will do a short test in class every week to check you can remember the things you studied in lesson. This will help you understand what you are good at and what areas you need to practise. If you have problems with a part of English, your teacher will help you develop this more and provide you with homework so you can practise!

    In the final week of every month, we will do a 'progress test'. This is a very useful exercise that will use questions based on the expected vocabulary and grammar of your level. This will help you better understand how strong you are in your level and will help you and your teacher check your progress and help you move to the next level.