Our Policies

1. Teacher Policy

In order to maintain good teaching practice and deliver fresh classes, we observe teachers and feedback on their approaches, styles and methods ensuring they adhere to the communicative approach, teachers also observe each other exchanging ideas and activities, furthermore, we organize and train our teachers for their continual professional development in order to further their knowledge and skills in the ever-changing ELT world.

We reserve the right to change teachers classes in order to promote dynamic, and diverse fresh lessons. At times, we will change teachers in classes to ensure that not only the students benefit but the teachers are continually trained to deal with every level in the English language. This is common practice in ELT schools, this way the teachers do not become complacent and lessons month-in month-out repetitive. By changing class levels, teachers are stimulated, motivated into researching new material and ensuring lessons are dynamic, current and diverse and thus injecting fresh energy into the classroom.

2. Lateness Policy

It is important to log on to your class at least 10 minutes before it starts. The teacher will let you in up to 15 minutes after the lesson has started or you may have to wait until after the break. It can be difficult for the teacher to introduce the lesson’s language area or students may be doing a listening if a student comes in late, it can also disrupt the flow of the lesson. We understand that there may be online problems with computers, internet etc. this is why it is a good idea to log on in plenty of time.

If you are going to be late, please contact us on the ChatBox on our website to inform us.

3. Classroom Conduct

We adopt an equality, diversity and mutual respect ethos, when learning in our physical and online schools. It is imperative to respect your classmates and teachers regardless of race, religion, gender, culture and social stance. Anyone found disrespecting this will be removed from class and will be given a formal warning by the Director of Studies. If the behaviour continues, they will be removed permanently from our schools with no refund.

4. Classroom Behaviour

When in class online, please be mindful of your classmates and teacher ensuring there is no background noise where you are logging on i.e. other people chatting, music etc. as this will make it difficult for the teacher and the other students to hear the lesson effectively.

When online, allow other students to participate and contribute to the lesson, please remember this it is not a one-to-one lesson with you and your teacher, there are other students in the class too. If you would like to ask your teacher a specific question which is not related to the lesson, please inform them in the Chat on Zoom in the right-hand corner of your screen, or via the class WhatsApp group or email.

5. Holiday & Course breaks

Students are entitled to pause their course for 1 or 2 weeks maximum. A course pause must start on a Monday and finish on a Friday. If a student wishes to pause their course, they will need to contact the student support via the website chat to request the pause. 

This course pause will be confirmed by the student support via the chat or email. 

If you would like to take a longer holiday, please be aware that it might not be possible for you to return to the same course with the same teacher.

We plan and manage our courses according to the current students and teaching situation, we take into account the needs of all our existing students. However, if you take a holiday lasting for more than 2 weeks you may find you have a different teacher, classmates, and/or class.

6. Delaying your start date

When you buy a course you should start studying within 1 month. Our courses are available subject to demand, thus when we receive bookings we know whether or not to open your class for you. If you enrol on a course today and decide to join it several months later, you may find that the class you paid for has changed since your booking as the demand and/or student numbers may have changed. For this reason, please ensure you start your course within 1 month of enrolling.

If you do not start your course within 6 months of payment you will need to join whichever classes are available at that time and you will not be able to apply for a refund.

7. Cancellation of your one-to-one classes

If you are not able to attend one (or many) of your one-to-one classes, please can you inform your agent and Bee Govi (Assistant Director of Studies and one-to-one private lessons co-ordinator) on bee.govi@malvernplc.com

Cancellation 24 hours or more beforehand = if you cancel in advance, you will not lose the class and it will not be deducted, you can then arrange another suitable time with your teacher or Bee Govi.

Cancellation within 24 hours = if you cancel within 24 hours of your agreed lesson time, you will lose this class, this is because the teacher has been booked to teach at that time.